Our outstanding speakers set the scene for the discussions and deals that are made around the summit. The networking functions then allow our attendees an opportunity to mingle with the speakers, delegates and companies that are driving growth in games today. Below, you'll find a breakdown for each of our D.I.C.E. Summit programming opportunities.

Our speakers take center stage and address our conference theme with engaging and unique talks that are available for all attendees to watch. These main stage presentations are made up of various kinds of talks including solo presentations, fireside chats and panels.

Roundtables are intimate, moderated group discourses where attendees can discuss amongst peers a variety of topics important to the interactive entertainment industry.  The roundtables will take place in a room with multiple roundtables occurring simultaneously, seating 10 per table including the table leader. The objective is to trade ideas/thoughts with other engaged individuals with similar interests and questions. Year over year the roundtables are often described as a favorite amongst attendees because of the interesting conversations and the access it provides. 

Workshops are smaller, breakout sessions geared towards a greater level of audience interaction and sharing. Panels and discussions engage with an audience of approximately 50 people and emphasizes joint exploration of ideas and concepts relevant to the industry and workplace. 

2020 Conference Theme: Next Level
As technology and tools continue rapid evolution, dreamers, artists and game makers have more weapons at their disposal than ever to tell stories and capture the hearts and imagination of global audiences. When anything is possible, what lies ahead for the world biggest entertainment art form? Informed by the past, the present, and the possibilities of the future, game makers will explore where the medium of games is headed and what that means to the global community of creators, players, and fans.

Check out our line-up of announced speakers, roundtable leaders and workshop leaders below.

Troy Baker
Troy Baker
Roundtable Leader
Adam Boyes
Adam Boyes
Iron Galaxy
Roundtable Leader
Richard Browne
Richard Browne
Head of External Projects
Digital Extremes
Roundtable Leader
Helen Burnill
Helen Burnill
Vice President of Business Development and Marketing
Tonic Games Group
Roundtable Leader
Jamie Cheng
Jamie Cheng
Klei Entertainment Co.
Roundtable Leader
Katie Chironis
Katie Chironis
Senior Game Designer
Riot Games
Roundtable Leader
Nick Clifford
Nick Clifford
Director of Marketing
Phoenix Labs
Roundtable Leader
David Edery
David Edery
Spry Fox
Roundtable Leader
Daniel Engelhardt
Daniel Engelhardt
Senior Vice President, Interactive Ventures & Games
Roundtable Leader
Chet Faliszek
Chet Faliszek
CEO / Co-Founder
Stray Bombay
Roundtable Leader
Amy Hennig
Amy Hennig
President, New Media Division
Skydance Media
Roundtable Leader
Trent Kusters
Trent Kusters
Co-founder & Production Director
League of Geeks
Roundtable Leader
Eric Monacelli
Eric Monacelli
Director of Production
Marvel Games
Roundtable Leader
Kim Pallister
Kim Pallister
Gaming Chief Segment Architect
Intel Corporation
Roundtable Leader
Rob Pardo
Rob Pardo
Design | Operations | People
Bonfire Studios
Roundtable Leader
Thomas Puha
Thomas Puha
Communications Director
Remedy Entertainment
Roundtable Leader
Andrea Rene
Andrea Rene
Co-Founder & Head of Operations
What's Good Games
Media Roundtable Leader
Tara Saunders
Tara Saunders
Director of Studio Operations
Playstation London Studio
Roundtable Leader
Ryan Schneider
Ryan Schneider
Head of Franchise Strategy & Studio Relations
Insomniac Games
Roundtable Leader
Remi Sklar
Remi Sklar
Vice President, Worldwide Communications and Public Relations
Warner Bros. Interactive
Roundtable Leader
Anna Sweet
Anna Sweet
Business | People | Operations
Bonfire Studios
Roundtable Leader
Kimberly Voll
Kimberly Voll
Stray Bombay
Roundtable Leader