Dennis Cooper

Dennis Cooper

Senior Director
Key Accounts
Virtuos Games

Roundtable Leader


Prior to joining Virtuos Games in 2019 to develop and oversee a Key Partnerships Program Dennis developed and oversaw external production programs at Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm, and Telltale Games. 

With a passion for expanding international presence and market share through strategic partnerships, his depth of experience in the game, animation, and film industries has resulted in long-term relationships, creating business opportunities based on evolving trends, and being consistently relied upon to bring creative solutions to challenges 

Games and the Climate Crisis: How to be Part of the Solution
As games join the mainstream, we increasingly cannot separate ourselves from the global community and the challenges it faces. As well as being the right thing to do, consumers increasingly expect brands to consider the impact they have on the environment. As with most other industries, games studios must recognise our carbon footprint, whether it’s from server farms, global transportation, or the offices we build. A new generation of powerful consoles and the rise of high resolution streaming poses even more challenges and risks increasing emissions further. How then should the industry work together to tackle the climate crisis, and how can studios take steps that are both meaningful and commercially successful.