Jason Rubin

Jason Rubin

VP of Special Gaming Initiatives

Industry Town Hall Panelist

Website: https://developers.facebook.com/

Jason Rubin formed Naughty Dog with partner Andy Gavin in 1985 and sold their first video game when they were 15 years old. In 1996 Naughty Dog created and launched the Crash Bandicoot a franchise which became the de facto mascot and top seller for Sony’s PlayStation console. Naughty Dog next released Jak and Daxter and was acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment shortly thereafter.   

In 2004 Rubin and Gavin transitioned Naughty Dog to new leads and left to pursue other ventures. Those ventures included working together on a Media Mashup tool called Flektor that was acquired by Fox Interactive’s MySpace division in 2007. Rubin later spent a few years working with Private Equity firms on game industry investments that led to a short stint as President of THQ during its bankruptcy.  

For the last 5 years Rubin has worked at Facebook’s Oculus division on AR/VR building and running the Production, Publishing, and Developer facing teams. He recently transitioned to VP of Special Gaming Strategies, a role that spans Facebook’s gaming interests.