Jason Rubin

Jason Rubin

VP of Special Gaming Initiatives

Industry Town Hall Panelist

Website: https://developers.facebook.com/

Jason Rubin formed Naughty Dog with partner Andy Gavin in 1985 and sold their first video game when they were 15 years old.�In 1996 Naughty Dog created and launched the�Crash Bandicoot�a franchise which became the de facto mascot and top seller for Sony�s PlayStation console. Naughty Dog next released�Jak and Daxter�and was acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment shortly thereafter.��

In 2004 Rubin and Gavin transitioned Naughty Dog to new leads and left to pursue other ventures. Those ventures included working together on a Media Mashup tool called Flektor that was acquired by Fox Interactive�s MySpace division in 2007. Rubin later spent a few years working with Private Equity firms on game industry investments that led to a short stint as President of THQ during its bankruptcy.�

For the last 5 years Rubin has worked at Facebook�s�Oculus�division on AR/VR building and running the Production, Publishing, and Developer facing teams. He recently transitioned to VP of Special Gaming Strategies, a role that spans Facebook�s gaming interests.