Amir Rao

Amir Rao

Co-Founder & Studio Director
Supergiant Games

Roundtable Leader


Amir Rao is the Co-Founder & Studio Director of Supergiant Games, an independent game developer in San Francisco, California. The studio has released Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre on a variety of platforms and is currently at work on Hades in Early Access. The entire original team that made Bastion still works at Supergiant and the company recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary. Amir manages the team, guides game production and contributes design to the projects at Supergiant Games. 

Building Teams to Last
What are the qualities of development teams that have survived and thrived in the industry? Is it a type of resilience, or luck, that brings teams together and makes them last? What types of cultures, policies and values do we see reflected in creative collaborators that have stuck together for a long time? We'll discuss longevity in the games industry, perspectives on achieving it and why, if at all, we should strive for it.