Registration Now Open for D.I.C.E. Barcelona

September 4 - 6
W Barcelona Hotel

Registration for D.I.C.E. Barcelona is now open. Mark your calendars now to make sure you attend this premier networking event taking place September 4-6, 2022, and take advantage of early bird pricing.

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Supporting Ukrainian Game Industry Professionals

Many games industry professionals are fleeing Ukraine because of war. Organized by InGame Job, Values Value, Games Gathering, DevGAMM, GDBAY, and other game dev influencers and community leaders in Ukraine, a new initiative has been created to help inform fellow Ukrainians who have been in contact with, so they can contact the right people directly for further support. 

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Chris Alderson and Josh Stiksma

Moss Book II, Polyarc

#gamemakersnotebook ep.136

Trent Kusters chats with Polyarc's Chris Alderson (Art Director, Co-Founder) and Josh Stiksma (Design Director). Together they discuss founding Polyarc and deciding to develop for VR; developing the first Moss and first announcing at E3; how the early feedback shaped the overall design of the series; the art and design choices they made to help the player connect with Quill, the game's protagonist; and finding the balance between VR experiences and traditional gameplay when designing Moss' dioramas. 

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