Eric Monacelli

Eric Monacelli

Director of Production
Marvel Games

Roundtable Leader


Eric Monacelli is the Director of Production at Marvel Games. He serves as Project Lead for  Marvel’s Spider-Man,  Marvel’s Avengers, and  Marvel’s Iron Man VR in addition to other titles. He leads game development collaboration, oversees creative strategy, ensures brand authenticity, and spearheads promotional planning for all his game titles. He also represents the Marvel Games division for select Marvel corporate initiatives. He has worked at Infinity Ward, Naughty Dog, Capcom, 2K Games, and Atari in various communications, marketing, and production roles. He’s a fourteen-year vet of the gaming industry and his first major title shipped was 2K’s BioShock in 2007. 

POG Slam: Extending Brands beyond PoG

The Product or the Game? In order to succeed video games must be both attention-grabbing entertainment product and super advanced software. That’s a delicate patchwork, a web of connections, every company involved in the production of a video game must weave. So when, where, why, and how are we talking about the Game versus (or alongside) the Product? When is the right time to be loud or be silent? How do you build a game brand to relevance and keep it in the gaming zeitgeist? Let’s also discuss success stories and pitfalls around extending a game’s brand beyond gaming itself to give players ways to keep their champion flags flying.