Monica Loya-Clarke

Monica Loya-Clarke

VP of Developer Partnerships

Roundtable Leader


Monica Loya-Clarke is a 20+ year veteran of the games industry and is VP of Developer Partnerships at Loaded, a company that manages top gaming influencers focused on creating and improving gaming content, as well as driving audiences to products and experiences. Loaded partners with developers, working closely to build strategies that best highlight and increase views. Monica is responsible for leading Loaded’s developer partnerships to create and execute integrated campaigns throughout a game’s life cycle while leveraging their cadre of influencers to maximize enthusiasm, entertainment and exposure to the product. 

The Future of Marketing is Content and That’s Good News
In the last decade, the way people discover, recommend and evaluate games has changed dramatically. Driving awareness and engaging consumers has evolved from building anticipation with reviews and highlight videos to watching professional content creators play titles live and unfiltered. These creators have become the gaming experts that fans trust and respect. In today’s market, a successful marketing campaign must integrate top influencers that fans faithfully follow and engage with