Perrin Kaplan

Perrin Kaplan

Founder & Principal
Zebra Partners

Media Roundtable Leader


Perrin Kaplan is a global strategic marketing and communications executive known for her award-winning work in tech, entertainment, gaming and spatial computing. She is founder and principal of Zebra Partners, which opened doors following her role as vice president, marketing and communications, growing Nintendo’s corporate brand, overseeing notable global phenomenon’s such as the Wii, Pokémon, DS, and the brand ambassador movement. 

At Zebra, she and two partners have created a mid-size women-owned company with a talented team across the U.S. Her clientele includes innovative startups, mid-size, and Fortune100 and Fortune 500 companies and brands such as Facebook, Oculus, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Magic Leap, Sony, DreamWorks, Reddit, Qualcomm, NCSoft, Baobab Studios, Squanch Games, and many more. 

She started in the newsroom at Seattle’s NBC affiliate with stints in political communications at the local and national level. 

Kaplan is profiled in several books and articles, two documentaries, and has won numerous awards and is an active speaker for top events and organizations. She has been honored for her continued roles in female leadership growth as a mentor and teacher.

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