Adam Boyes

Adam Boyes

Iron Galaxy

Roundtable Leader


As Chief Executive Officer of Iron Galaxy Studios, Adam Boyes is responsible for the Company’s overall strategic vision and core partnerships. Prior to this role, Boyes was Vice President of Third Party Relations & Developer Technology Group at Sony Interactive Entertainment America where he oversaw Publisher & Developer Relations, Portfolio Strategy, Financial Strategy, Partner Alliance, Technical Account Management, Developer Technology Group and the 3rd Party Production team - driving them to record revenue and profitability numbers consistently year over year. Previously, Boyes was Executive Producer and Director of Product Development at Midway Games and Capcom respectively. Boyes studied Computer Science & Business Administration at Simon Fraser University. 

Platform Overload – Which Ones to Choose?
With so many established platforms and storefronts across PC, mobile, console, and streaming, it can be very overwhelming for developers and publishers to choose which platforms to launch on, in what regions, and how close together. Many of the stores want to trade funds or marketing support for some sort of exclusivity – let’s discuss when it’s a good idea, when it’s a bad idea, or when it’s too soon to make a call.