Chandana Ekanayake

Chandana Ekanayake

Founder and Studio Director
Outerloop Games

Roundtable Leader


With over twenty years of experience as a game developer, Eka heads up Outerloop Games, a fully distributed indie game studio. Outerloop recently released Falcon Age, a game about raising a falcon and fighting colonizers. 

Fully Distributed Game Development
With maturing apps and fast internet, creating and shipping games while working from anywhere is a reality. Our roundtable will explore the benefits of a fully distributed team and discuss how to solve issues of communication, face time, long term studio culture, and scalability. What are the best tools and methods for fostering a remote collaborative team? How do partial remote teams function? Are there core hours and is it important for everyone to be present at the same time? We'll share stories, suggestions, and discuss obstacles of going fully remote while shipping games.