Ted Regulski

Ted Regulski

Director of Business Acquisitions
505 Games

Roundtable Leader

Website: https://505games.com/

With over 17 years industry experience, Ted Regulski has made a career of searching out, helping and working with developers across a variety of roles.  From helping startup G4tv and highlighting the developers to a television audience, to heading up Developer Relations at Sony and currently leading Business Development at 505 Games, he has made a career of helping developers realize their games.  Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Papo & Yo and Virginia are some of his personal favorite projects. 

What to Play Next: The Business of Choosing the Right Path for Your Game
As an industry looking for content in an ever-changing market, new platforms and their deal terms are helping shift how publishers evaluate games. We'll explore how to find the right mix of genre, platform and budget to help ensure success even in the face of raw cash deals moving forward.