Our outstanding programming sets the scene for the discussions and deals that are made around the summit. The networking functions then allow our attendees an opportunity to mingle with the speakers, delegates and companies that are driving growth in games today. Below, you'll find a breakdown for each of our D.I.C.E. Summit programming opportunities.

Our keynote speaker and panels take center stage and address our conference theme with engaging and unique talks that are available for all attendees to watch.

The Industry Town Hall is a forum for the interactive entertainment community to address a panel of industry leaders, including select members of the AIAS board of directors. This exclusive event will feature an open discussion of topics most relevant and top of mind to our industry. This hour-long gathering will address questions from prepared by our moderator as well as questions submitted in advance.

Roundtables are intimate, moderated group discourses where attendees can discuss amongst peers a variety of topics important to the interactive entertainment industry. They will take place in a room with multiple roundtables occurring simultaneously, seating 10 per table including the table leader. The objective is to trade ideas/thoughts with other engaged individuals with similar interests and questions. Year over year the roundtables are often described as a favorite amongst attendees because of the interesting conversations and the access it provides.

Workshops are smaller, breakout sessions geared towards a greater level of audience interaction and sharing. Panels and discussions engage with an intimate group of people and emphasizes joint exploration of ideas and concepts relevant to the industry and workplace.

Check out our line-up of announced speakers, workshop leaders, roundtable leaders, and industry town hall participants below.

Tina Amini
Tina Amini
Director of Broadcast and Events Strategy Lead
Roundtable Leader
Malia Atta
Malia Atta
Manager, Culture & Belonging
Insomniac Games
Roundtable Leader
Moritz Baier-Lentz
Moritz Baier-Lentz
Partner and Head of Gaming
Lightspeed Venture Partners
Roundtable Leader 
Raffael Boccamazzo
Raffael Boccamazzo
Clinical Director
Take This, Inc.
Workshop Leader
Simon Carless
Simon Carless
Roundtable Leader
Martin Cao
Martin Cao
Nimble Giant Entertainment
Roundtable Leader  
Alexander Champlin
Alexander Champlin
Senior Analyst - Esports & Special Topics
Niko Partners
Roundtable Leader
Chris Charla
Chris Charla
General Manager, Content Programs Team
Roundtable Leader
Dan Coleman
Dan Coleman
Head of Product Development
Iron Galaxy Studios
Roundtable Leader
Jason Docton
Jason Docton
Rise Above the Disorder   
Roundtable Leader 
Chandana Ekanayake
Chandana Ekanayake
Co-Founder, Creative Director
Outerloop Games
Roundtable Leader
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson
Director of Development
Double Fine Productions
Roundtable Leader
Sean Kane
Sean Kane
Co-Chair of the Interactive Entertainment Group
Frankfurt Kurnit
Roundtable Leader
Haluk Mentes
Haluk Mentes
SVP, Head of Business Development & Portfolio Strategy
Marvel Games
Roundtable Leader
Arne Meyer
Arne Meyer
Vice President
Naughty Dog
Roundtable Leader
Alex Nichiporchik
Alex Nichiporchik
Founder & CEO, tinyBuild GAMES
Roundtable Leader
Ryan Peterson
Ryan Peterson
Vice-President, Head of Accelerate Solutions
Roundtable Leader
Lillian Rivera
Lillian Rivera
Director of Education & Evaluation
Hollywood Commission
Workshop Leader
Anita Sarkeesian
Anita Sarkeesian
Executive Director
Feminist Frequency
Roundtable Leader
Josh Straub
Josh Straub
Accessibility Consultant
Apex Access
Roundtable Leader
Celine Tricart
Celine Tricart
Game Director & Co-Founder
Roundtable Leader
Feargus Urquhart
Feargus Urquhart
Studio Head
Obsidian Entertainment
Roundtable Leader
Kelly Wallick
Kelly Wallick
Partner and Community Builder
1Up Fund
Roundtable Leader