Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

Director of Development
Double Fine Productions

Roundtable Leader



The Line Between Long Hours and Crunch 

Crunch has been part of the game industry for a long time and its negative effects are well documented. However, even when a team is not crunching people may occasionally work more than 40 hours a week. If a team member wants to put in extra time to make something really polished, how much should you let them? At what point does spending more time on things turn into crunch? How do you manage perceptions of crunch across your team? In this roundtable, we’ll discuss different definitions of crunch, best practices to avoid crunch culture and how to balance passion with team health.


Kevin is the Director of Development and Double Fine Productions. Previously he was a Producer for over 16 years at several studios including EA and Telltale Games. He also spent a few years doing contract design and programming for mobile titles.