Jason Docton

Jason Docton

Rise Above the Disorder   

Roundtable Leader 

Website: https://youarerad.org/


Mental Health: Insights into the Wellbeing of the People Who Make and Play Your Games

Crunch, burnout, impostor syndrome, and addiction. From partnering with Electronic Arts to provide mental health support, to innovating ways to help players addicted to RuneScape with Jagex - Rise Above The Disorder is a non-profit that has helped hundreds of developers and thousands of gamers with a wide range of mental health concerns. In this roundtable, we'll explore common concerns your developers may be facing; as well as, ways to support the people who make and play your games.


Jason Docton is the founder of Rise Above the Disorder- the World of Warcraft guild turned non-profit covering the cost of mental health care for over 40,000 people. He is a speaker to the World Health Organization, consultant to the United Nations, and has worked closely with companies like Electronic Arts and Jagex on their mental health efforts.