Mark DeLoura

Mark DeLoura

Level Up Games

Roundtable Leader



Utilizing Generative AI in Production

Generative AI has taken the world by storm in recent months: DALL´┐ŻE! GitHub Copilot! Midjourney! Stable Diffusion! ChatGPT! The new Bing! Google’s Bard! It’s hard to keep up, hard to know what to use and what to try, and hard to know whether to use them in production due to ethics and legal questions. But the potential is undeniably impressive. Should we use generated art, trained on copyrighted works? What about generated code, trained on restrictive code licenses? Let’s meet to compare notes, share what we’re creating, and explore how we feel about it.


Mark is a games- and education-focused technologist who served as Senior Advisor for Digital Media in the Obama White House (OSTP). He's worked in technology leadership positions for video game platforms, publishers, and developers; created and edited the popular book series Game Programming Gems; was editor-in-chief of Game Developer Magazine; and was awarded the GDC Ambassador Award in 2017 for contributions to the video game industry.