John Hight

John Hight

General Manager, Warcraft
Blizzard Entertainment




Creating Universes That Last Decades

From Warcraft to Diablo to Overwatch and more, Blizzard Entertainment has created game universes that last - and are loved - for decades. Join Blizzard Entertainment's Holly Longdale (Executive Producer, World of Warcraft), John Hight (General Manager, Warcraft), Rod Fergusson (General Manager, Diablo), Lydia Bottegoni (Executive Vice President of Story and Franchise Development), Allen Adham (Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer), and moderator Raph Koster (CEO, Playable Worlds) as they discuss their approaches to creating and maintaining these beloved universes.


As the Warcraft general manager, John Hight oversees the company’s collective efforts around all titles within the Warcraft universe, including the ongoing development of World of Warcraft, both the modern and Classic games, Hearthstone, and the forthcoming mobile entry Warcraft Arclight Rumble in addition to new content and projects that enhance the community’s experience outside of the games, and new opportunities to extend the Warcraft universe to new audiences around the world.