Malia Atta

Malia Atta

Manager, Culture & Belonging
Insomniac Games

Roundtable Leader



Exploring Shared Identity and Purpose in Studios

Insomniac Games has been exploring the idea of how embracing individual identity can lead to greater shared identity and sense of purpose. By acknowledging each person’s unique talents and contributions, creating shared context, and engineering moments of connection, leaders can create teams who feel deeply engaged. How might making tweaks to the way we manage teams lead to greater success on remote and hybrid teams? And how do we leverage diversity to create buy-in?


Malia is a thoughtful speaker, consultant, and Certified Diversity Professional whose primary focus is leading with curiosity, kindness, and compassion. As a Human Resources professional, Malia works with teams to maximize potential, accelerate growth and development, and facilitate meaningful conversation so that each employee can do their very best work. 

With over ten years of training experience, a flair for making meaningful connections, and a sincere desire to create inclusive workplaces, Malia engages participants through storytelling and vulnerability. 

Now, the Manager of Culture and Belonging at Insomniac Games, Malia’s previous roles include diversity leadership, learning and development, talent management, and organizational development at MGM Resorts, Starbucks, and Sugar Factory.