Dan Coleman

Dan Coleman

Head of Product Development
Iron Galaxy Studios

Roundtable Leader

Website: https://irongalaxystudios.com/


How to Scale Your Organization

We are a rapidly and methodically scaling organization from startup to indie to professional 3rd party dev and there's so many interesting pieces to scaling - how does culture change when scaling? What processes are necessary now that weren't before? Did you envision working at this scale? What motivates you from the company's strategy now and how has that changed as you've scaled? How might it change in the future?


As the Head of Product Development at Iron Galaxy Studios, Dan Coleman manages the people and communications across the various disciplines required to make games. The challenges he tackles include helping the art, design, engineering, production, and quality teams work together in a creative process that is as technical as it is creative. Throughout his tenure at Iron Galaxy, he has seen the company evolve from an independent work-for-hire co-developer to an entertainment company with its own brand-new properties. As the development team grows to work with more partners on the most beloved franchises in the industry, as well as bring new experiences to market, Dan is focused on managing the scalability of a healthy culture that balances work and life.