2009 DICE Summit Speakers

    Gabe Newell
    Gabe Newell
    President & Founder
    Valve Software
    Bruce Shelley
    Bruce Shelley
    Senior Game Designer
    Ensemble/Microsoft Game Studios
    David Perry
    David Perry
    CCO & Co-Founder
    Acclaim Games
    Jun Takeuchi
    Jun Takeuchi
    Game Director & Producer
    Capcom Entertainment
    Mona Hamilton
    Mona Hamilton
    Vice President of Marketing
    Capcom Entertainment
    Michael Snider
    Michael Snider
    Entertainment Reporter
    USA Today
    Geoff Keighley
    Geoff Keighley
    Exec in Charge, Publisher Relations
    Spike TV
    Lars Gustavsson
    Lars Gustavsson
    Creative Director
    Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment
    Michael Haigh
    Michael Haigh
    Development Director
    SCE, London Studio
    Chris Cao
    Chris Cao
    Studio Creative Director
    Sony Online Entertainment
    N'Gai Croal
    N'Gai Croal
    General Editor
    Ralph Osterhout
    Ralph Osterhout
    CEO & Founder
    Osterhout Group
    Paul Raines
    Paul Raines
    Chief Operating Officer
    Michael Denny
    Michael Denny
    Senior Vice President
    Sony Worldwide Studios Europe
    John Riccitiello
    John Riccitiello
    Electronic Arts
    Chris Kohler
    Chris Kohler
    Alex Laurant
    Alex Laurant
    Art Director/Concept Designer
    Studio LXL
    Anita Frazier
    Anita Frazier
    Entertainment Industry Analyst
    NPD Group
    Julianne Greer
    Julianne Greer
    The Escapist
    Henry LaBounta
    Henry LaBounta
    Director of Art
    Electronic Arts
    Todd Howard
    Todd Howard
    Game Director & Producer
    Bethesda Softworks
    Randy Jackson
    Randy Jackson
    The Planning Center
    Rich Hilleman
    Rich Hilleman
    Chief Creative Director
    Electronic Arts
    Brian Raffel
    Brian Raffel
    Co-founder & Studio Head
    Raven Software
    Tom Prata
    Tom Prata
    Sr. Director Project Development
    Nintendo of America Inc.
    Ben Bell
    Ben Bell
    Executive Producer
    Electronic Arts
    Kyle Gabler
    Kyle Gabler
    Creator of World of Goo
    2D Boy
    Ted Price
    Ted Price
    Insomniac Games
    Seth Schiesel
    Seth Schiesel
    Staff Writer
    New York Times
    Danny Bilson
    Danny Bilson
    VP Creative Development
    Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor
    CEO & Creative Director
    Gas Powered Games
    Carey Chico
    Carey Chico
    Executive Art Director
    Pandemic Studios
    Tom Wujec
    Tom Wujec
    Patrick Murphy
    Patrick Murphy
    Lead Character Artist
    Sony Computer Entertainment Santa Monica
    Alex Evans
    Alex Evans
    Media Molecule
    Steve Preeg
    Steve Preeg
    Animation Supervisor
    Digital Domain
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