Alex Evans

Alex Evans


Media Molecule

Alex's tea-making career in the R&D department Bullfrog began at the tender age of 15. As someone determined to create interactive art, and films for live music, but who cannot actually draw, paint or film, programming the inner loops of polygon engines for games seemed a good way to while away the 90s. Lionhead Studios taught him what it meant to actually ship open ended, insanely ambitious games; and by night, the 00's saw a partial realization of his arty pretentions, creating live visuals for Warp records and several London orchestras, and touring Europe. But it was founding Media Molecule with long time co-conspirators Mark Healey, David Smith & Kareem Ettouney, that he found a group of people with whom he could put his rambling, doodling, and engine-coding efforts to some degree of practical use. LittleBigPlanet was born, and he's been changing its diapers ever since.