Lars Gustavsson

Lars Gustavsson

Creative Director

Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment

Lars started out in the business as an artist on Codename Eagle at Refraction Games back in 1999, just before the acquisition by DICE early 2000. He has been involved in the Battlefield series from the beginning and was one of the persons who saw the huge potential in building upon the success of Codename Eagle and creating the Battlefield trademarked sandbox experience. Going on to become the Senior Producer for Battlefield 1942 and then the lead designer on Battlefield 2, creating the design direction of the game, Lars today holds the role as Creative Director at DICE. As Creative Director he is responsible for the direction of all games being developed at DICE - a visionary role that involves being part of the process from concept to final product for all future games. The most recent titles created by the studio are Battlefield Bad Company and Mirror's Edge.