Danny Bilson

Danny Bilson

VP Creative Development


Danny Bilson’s production company, Pet Fly, has supplied 165 hours of original large-canvas television episodes and pilots for major Hollywood studios. Pet Fly’s series include The Flash (Warner Bros./CBS), Human Target (Warner Bros./ABC), Viper (Paramount/NBC/First Run Syndication) and The Sentinel (Paramount/UPN).

Bilson, along with his co-writer Paul De Meo created, and executive produced each of these series. Bilson directed the pilots as well as key episodes. The pair have written and produced several feature films, including cult favorites Trancers and Zone Troopers, the latter directed by Bilson. The team also penned the screenplay for Disney’s The Rocketeer, and contributed drafts for Paramount’s The Italian Job.

Their most recent feature project is the screen story for Sergeant Rock, a World War II adventure based on the DC Comics character, currently in development at Warner Brothers.
The team recently re-launched The Flash comic book for DC. Their original comic book, entitled Red Menace, the story of a blacklisted superhero set in 1953 Los Angeles debuted in November of 2006. The graphic novel debuted in October 2007.

Video Games
In 1999, Bilson expanded his work into the world of interactive games. After serving as co-producer on the original version of Electronic Arts’ mega-selling title The Sims, EA named Bilson VP of Intellectual Property Development, in 2000. Bilson continued to provide creative direction, concept design, story and scripts for major EA franchises including Harry Potter, James Bond 007, and Medal of Honor. Since its release in 2000, The Sims continues to be the #1 best selling PC game title in the United States and throughout the world. Danny currently leads the interactive fiction section at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where he is a current faculty member.

In 2008, Bilson joined THQ as Senior Vice President Creative Development where he has formed a new department to create fictions that can travel from games to movies to comic books and toys and back again.