D.I.C.E. Theme: Made Better

Speakers this year will examine the full spectrum of what drives the creative development process within the interactive entertainment community. What are the measures of success, and how do we design towards them?  How do we evolve and balance innovation risk?  How do we inspire individuals and teams to drive change?

Kevin Chou
Kevin Chou
Chairman and Co-owner
Neil Druckmann
Neil Druckmann
Creative Director
Naughty Dog
Andy Dinh
Andy Dinh
Team SoloMid
Jack Etienne
Jack Etienne
Chet Faliszek
Chet Faliszek
Creative Director
Bossa Studios
Maureen Fan
Maureen Fan
CEO and Co-Founder
Baobab Studios
Geoff Keighley
Geoff Keighley
Executive Producer
The Game Awards
Maja Moldenhauer
Maja Moldenhauer
Executive Producer and Artist
Mike Morhaime
Mike Morhaime
President, CEO, and Cofounder
Blizzard Entertainment
Nate Nanzer
Nate Nanzer
Overwatch League
Kim Phan
Kim Phan
Director, Esports Operations
Blizzard Entertainment
Lidwine Sauer
Lidwine Sauer
Director of Insights and Trends
Ubisoft's Strategic Innovation Lab
Phil Spencer
Phil Spencer
Executive Vice President, Gaming
Alex Schwartz
Alex Schwartz
CEO (Chief Executive Owl) and Janitor
Owlchemy Labs
Dan Trachtenberg
Dan Trachtenberg
Director and Writer