Lidwine Sauer

Lidwine Sauer

Director of Insights and Trends

Ubisoft's Strategic Innovation Lab

Navigate the Rapid currents of Change

In a time of accelerated disruption and transformation, innovations that originate in one industry can very quickly upend many others. �Unexpected events have almost become the norm. Faced with rapid and regular revolutions, how do you anticipate the opportunities -- and the risks -- that the future holds? How do you drive forward-thinking change in a creative organization?

About Lidwine Sauer:

Lidwine is Director of Insights and Trends for Ubisoft's Strategic Innovation Lab.�

Lidwine joined Ubisoft in 1998. After holding different marketing leadership positions, she joined the Lab. For more than 10 years, she�s led innovation projects to push the organization forward. In her current role, Lidwine helps Ubisoft anticipate the opportunities that the future will bring.l