Lidwine Sauer

Lidwine Sauer

Director of Insights and Trends

Ubisoft's Strategic Innovation Lab

Navigate the Rapid currents of Change

In a time of accelerated disruption and transformation, innovations that originate in one industry can very quickly upend many others.  Unexpected events have almost become the norm. Faced with rapid and regular revolutions, how do you anticipate the opportunities -- and the risks -- that the future holds? How do you drive forward-thinking change in a creative organization?

About Lidwine Sauer:

Lidwine is Director of Insights and Trends for Ubisoft's Strategic Innovation Lab. 

Lidwine joined Ubisoft in 1998. After holding different marketing leadership positions, she joined the Lab. For more than 10 years, she’s led innovation projects to push the organization forward. In her current role, Lidwine helps Ubisoft anticipate the opportunities that the future will bring.l