2005 DICE Summit Speakers

Seamus Blackley
Seamus Blackley
Creative Artists Agency
Marc Ecko
Marc Ecko
Designer & Founder
*ecko unltd.
Geoff Keighley
Geoff Keighley
The Electric Playground
Stan Lee
Stan Lee
Chairman Emeritus
Marvel Enterprises
Doug Lowenstein
Doug Lowenstein
Dr. Richard Marks
Dr. Richard Marks
Manager, Special Project Group
PlayStation R&D
Dr. Ray Muzuka
Dr. Ray Muzuka
Joint CEO
BioWare Corp.
Tim Schafer
Tim Schafer
Double Fine Productions
Jack Tretton
Jack Tretton
Executive Vice President
Sony Computer Entertainment America
Greg Zeschuk
Greg Zeschuk
Joint CEO
BioWare Corp.
2014 DICE Registration Open
Into The Pixel
  • Dr. Finkelstein's lab
  • Chinatown Level Study
  • Vinegar Hill
  • Eregion Orc
  • Design & Construction
  • Kirby-ful Color (Oil Painting)
  • Babylon Panorama
  • Return To BattleField
  • Navy Shipyard
  • Hakha the Hunter
  • Yellow Room
  • CCK Tower - New Year's Eve
  • The Subway Depot
  • Soldier
  • Big Ben at Night
  • Song Engine