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Unmatched networking opportunities are a hallmark of the D.I.C.E. Summit experience.  This year at the event there will more opportunities to network than before, especially at the Workshops and Roundtables.  Attendees can find out more about the different opportunities below. 


Main stage presentations of all kinds —solo presentations, fireside chats or panels are available for the entire attendee base.  With the conference theme Made Better, speakers this year will examine the full spectrum of what drives the creative development process within the interactive entertainment community.  What are the measures of success, and how do we design towards them?  How do we evolve and balance innovation risk?  How do we inspire individuals and teams to drive change?  D.I.C.E. speakers will share personal insights and experiences on how they foster creativity and prosperity within the video game industry today and beyond. Summit sessions will be taking place on Wednesday, February 21st


Workshops are smaller, breakout sessions geared towards a greater level of audience interaction and sharing. Panels and discussions engage with an audience of approximately 50 people and emphasizes joint exploration of ideas and concepts relevant to the industry and workplace.  Workshop sessions will be taking place Thursday, February 22nd


Roundtables compose of intimate idea sharing with groups of approximately 10 to a table. A roundtable leader will present a compelling topic which will be explored from the varied perspectives of table participants. This is an excellent networking opportunity paired with premier idea sharing. There will be three different roundtable rooms, each focused on a specific theme: Business Leadership, Creative Development and Media Topics.   Business Leadership, Creative Development and Media Topic rooms are open to all paid attendees; D.I.C.E. press attendees are welcome to join discussions in the Media Room. Roundtable sessions will be taking place Thursday, February 22nd

Register for the 2018 D.I.C.E. Summit now!