Health and Safety

We will continue to monitor current conditions and guidance from the CDC and other health agencies regarding vaccinations, negative COVID-19 tests, and mask mandates. Please check this page regularly for updates.

In line with recommendations from public health authorities and to facilitate a safe environment, we will be requiring all attendees and staff to show proof of a US FDA or WHO recognized vaccine against COVID-19 or a negative COVID-19 test prior to the event. Click here for more information.

MGM Resorts are committed to the health and safety of its staff and guests. In addition to partnering with world-class experts in epidemiology, public health and occupational health and safety, we have made it a priority to identify technologies and capabilities designed to make the guest experience healthy, safe, and stress-free.

Integrating health and safety into nearly every element of a convention, meeting, or entertainment experience was an important step we were proud to lead the way with. Since then, we have developed numerous best practices and incorporated lessons learned into our everyday operations. From contactless check-in and virtual site inspections to facility adjustments and digital implementation of the CLEAR Health Pass, MGM Resorts is prepared to provide options to keep attendees safe, while giving event planners and organizers the flexibility and creativity to which they are accustomed.

Health and Safety Protocols for Meetings and Events

1. PLANNING: Virtual site inspections and pre-planning services available. This includes careful planning of event, meal and break times to safely optimize guest movement throughout the meeting space. 

2. MGM HEALTH PASS: MGM Resorts is bringing together cutting-edge Health Pass technology from CLEAR, innovative COVID-19 testing, and expert health providers from Impact Health with the goal of creating safer environments and ecosystems across MGM venues. 

3. ARRIVAL: We always recommend advance registration but when not possible, where registration desk queuing is needed, required scheduling and distancing will be clearly indicated. 

4. CLEANING AND DISINFECTING: High touch points will be cleaned and disinfected regularly; single-use amenities will be disposed of daily. Hand sanitizer will be available in high traffic areas. 

5. PHYSICAL DISTANCING: Our facility capacities have been adjusted to meet physical distancing requirements and will evolve as needed. Signage will be placed to remind guests of physical distancing standards, floor clings to mark entrances and exits. Transparent barriers will be used where physical distancing is challenging. 

6. DINING EXPERIENCE AND BREAK REFRESH: Varied styles of meal service will be offered. Servers and chef attendants will serve guests.

Non-U.S. Based Attendees 

Non-U.S. based attendees, as well as U.S. based attendees unable to use CLEAR, will need to provide their proof of vaccination at the D.I.C.E. Summit registration counter.

How to Provide Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination On-Site 

Non-U.S. based attendees, and those not using the CLEAR app, must present either a digital or hard copy of their vaccine record. Photocopies will be accepted. Digital vaccination certificates and mobile applications that many countries have issued will also be accepted. Vaccine records must clearly state the following: 

  • Full name
  • Type of vaccine administered
  • Date of when the vaccine was received
  • Location where vaccine was administered

Important: buying, selling or using a fraudulent vaccination card is a state and federal crime

In addition to providing a copy of their vaccine record, attendees will need to provide a government-issued photo ID that matches the name on their vaccine record, and their D.I.C.E. Summit registration confirmation to pick up their D.I.C.E. Summit 2022 badge. 

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are accepted until January 10, 2022. Refunds will not be given after January 11, 2022 unless the event is canceled due to state or federal mandates or if travel restrictions are implemented by the state or federal government that would prevent someone from attending. This includes D.I.C.E. Summit Pass, Party Pass, and optional networking events including the Golf Tournament, Go-karting Tournament, & Poker Tournament. There will be a $200.00 processing fee for every D.I.C.E. Summit and D.I.C.E. Awards cancellation.