American McGee

American McGee


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American McGee is one of the chief architects of the astonishing and constantly evolving new frontier of computer gaming. His project American McGee's Alice, a dark, gothic version of the Lewis Carroll tales, was the hottest selling PC game through the lucrative 2001 Christmas season. McGee began his career in interactive software when he was hired away from a promising career as an auto mechanic at the age of 20 by next-door neighbor John Carmack's industry giant, id Software. He lasted a scant three months in tech support at id before his talents were recognized and his responsibilites grew to include sound design, code writing, and even serving as id's Musical Manager. He made contributions to a variety of enormously popular games that helped revolutionize the industry including DOOM, Final DOOM, Quake, and Quake II.

McGee contributed to the "Is Corporate Creativity an Oxymoron?" panel.