Gabe Zichermann

Gabe Zichermann

Vice President of Strategy and Communications

Trymedia Systems

Gabe Zichermann has been directly involved in the research and evolution of new distribution strategies for the game industry over the last several years. Trymedia Systems’ technology enables the secure monetization of games and software on the Internet, Peer-to-Peer Networks and via CD/DVD and has been tested in well over 5 million downloads, powering secure digital revenues for independent game developers as well as leading entertainment software publishers such as Disney Interactive, Ubi Soft and Infogrames. Previously Zichermann was Director of Marketing for the Game and Web Divisions of Miller Freeman/CMP (The organizers of the GDC and publishers of and Game Developer magazine). He also pioneered efforts in the e-commerce field at Cisco Systems, BayNetworks/Nortel and Checkpoint Software.

Zicherman contributed to the "The Future of Games Delivery" panel.