Dr. Mike Capps

Dr. Mike Capps


Epic Games

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Michael is the president of Epic Games, Inc. Epic was recently awarded Studio of the Year by the Video Game Awards; Epic's multi-million selling Gears of War was named Game of the Year by many publications and the Interactive Achievement Awards; and Epic's game technology, Unreal Engine 3, was named best engine by Game Developer Magazine for the third straight year.

Michael also serves on the board of the International Game Developer’s Association. Before joining Epic, Michael earned degrees at UNC and MIT, and served as a professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. For his work in networked virtual reality, he was one of fifty graphics pioneers interviewed for the ACM SIGGRAPH documentary, "The Story of Computer Graphics." While at the Naval Postgraduate School, Michael was the producer, designer, and lead programmer of the America's Army computer game.