Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

President & Designer

Gas Powered Games

Chris Taylor started his career in the video game business over a decade ago at Distinctive Software. In 1989 his first game, Hardball II won an SPA (Software Publishers Association) awards for best sports game of the year. Taylor's next game, 4D Boxing, also won many awards and accolades for its innovation as a 3D title. 4D Boxing was recognized as one of the first games to use motion capture data for its character animation. His next project was creating the original Triple Play '96 for Electronic Arts on the Sega Genesis. Taylor next joined Humongous Entertainment with the goal of creating a truly next-generation RTS Game (Real-time Strategy). Under the Cavedog label, he created Total Annihilation, which was released in 1997. After the follow-up expansion pack, The Core Contingency, was completed, Taylor left Cavedog to start his own company, Gas Powered Games. With a team of about 30 people, his new company completed its first game, Dungeon Siege, which was released in 2002. Now busy working on the "next" title, Taylor's goal is to bring together talented, passionate people to work on games that redefine conventional game play and push technological boundaries to the limits.

Taylor hosted a seminar discussing "Designing RPGs for the Mass Market."