Syd Mead

Syd Mead

Syd Mead, Inc.

The term "Visual Futurist" may well have been coined to describe Syd Mead, a man for whom reality is the future to which he delights in giving us all a sneak preview. From his earliest assignments at the Advanced Styling Studio of Ford Motor company immediately after graduation from Art Center, Mead's innate sense of design, coupled with his extraordinary ability to render futuristic scenarios with such realism that the viewer is prone not to question "If" the subject matter exists, but rather "Where." His recognizable style soon became highly sought after by major corporations around the world leading to the fomation of Syd Mead Inc. in 1970 to service such diverse clients as Philips, Disney, US Steel, Sony, and every major motion picture studio in Hollywood, most notably on the movie "Blade Runner."

Anyone who has ever listened to one of Mead's presentations or read his books might find the term "Visual" a bit limiting. When asked to define the essence of his style, Mead has been quoted as saying: "There is a very fine line between being admired and being stared at. The trick is to come as close to that line as possible without going past it."

Mead hosted a seminar discussing why the game development community should care about wireless.