Brad McQuaid

Brad McQuaid

President & CEO

Sigil Games Online, Inc.

Brad McQuiad was the co-designer of EverQuest, managing the development team from the project's inception until its launch. He later became a founder of Verant Interactive and its Vice President. After Verant's acquisition by Sony Online Entertainment, McQuaid served there as Vice President of Premium Games; he was responsible for EverQuest, EverQuest 2, EverQuest Online Adventures PS/2, Planetside, and Star Wars: Galaxies. In addition, McQuaid was the company's Chief Creative Officer. Currently, McQuaid heads Sigil Games Online, Inc. as its President & CEO, a company backed by Microsoft, staffed by an all-star team, and dedicated to developing premier next-generation massively multiplayer games. Additionally, McQuaid is one of the most respected online game developers in the industry, featured in numerous articles in publications such as "PC Gamer," "The Wall Street Journal," and "Time Magazine."

McQuaid contributed to the "Lessons of Going Online" panel.