Mike Acton

Mike Acton

Engine Director

Insomniac Games

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Mike Acton is the Engine Director at Insomniac Games happily working with one of the best engine teams ever collected in the industry. In his rare spare time, he is also the director and adminstrator of CellPerformance.com, and is dedicated to helping the Cell community as much as possible. Previously, Mike was a Senior Architect at Highmoon Studios (previously Sammy Studios) in Carlsbad, CA. Mike has also held Lead Programming, Playstation 2 Engine Development and Research roles with Yuke's, VBlank and BlueSky/Titus. He had also worked for Sony Interactive Studios in PSX development. Mike has made regular appearances as a speaker at SCEA develpment conferences, GDC, Austin Games Conference and other events extolling the virtues of understanding the data and hardware with a focus on programming for performance. He prefers vi.