Annabelle Cook

Annabelle Cook


Roundtable Leader



How Gender Diversity Is Changing Game Design

Did you know that 25% of teens and young adults use gender-neutral pronouns to refer to themselves? In this roundtable, join GLAAD's Blair Durkee to discuss how the evolving understanding of gender is impacting modern game design. From authentic characters to avatar creators to games that got it right and wrong, this roundtable is a no-holds-barred, honest discussion on how to create games that resonate with younger audiences and meaningfully reflect the vibrant gender diversity within them.


Annabelle Cook has a B.A. in Liberal Arts with a Concentration in International Studies from Soka University of America. Volunteering for LGBTQ and racial advocacy groups has been a cornerstone in Annabelle’s life, and joining GLAAD has allowed her to combine both her lifelong passions: advocacy and video gaming. Since joining GLAAD in 2022, she has worked on vetting and selecting nominees for the 34th and 35th GLAAD Media Awards Outstanding Video Game category, as well as supporting GLAAD’s consulting work with major video game companies. Annabelle is a Soulsbourne, tabletop RPG, and arcade gaming enthusiast committed to creating a future of inclusivity in the gaming space. This is her way of giving back to an industry that has created incredible worlds that allow LGBTQ people, including herself, to find a place of belonging, community, and self-acceptance.