Lirui Ding

Lirui Ding

Senior Investment Professional
Transcend Fund

Roundtable Leader



Show Me the Money: Exploring M&A, Investment, and Fundraising in the Gaming Industry

What drives M&A in the gaming industry? What are the key factors that gaming companies and VCs consider when investing in game studios? And what are the challenges and opportunities presented by different types of funding? These questions have become all the more pertinent in 2024.  This roundtable, moderated by Transcend Fund's Lirui Ding, will discuss these burning questions and more surrounding finance in the gaming sector.


Lirui is a senior investment professional at Transcend Fund and he is passionate about partnering with visionary founders to bring exciting digital entertainment to a global audience.  Prior to Transcend, Lirui worked with the Executive Leadership team at Activision Blizzard on a range of pivotal initiatives from M&A, investment strategy to game development and strategy review.  Before Activision Blizzard, Lirui was a strategy consultant, advising clients on operations, M&A, and investment strategy in the gaming industry.  Lirui was also a global top 20 esports player with 400+ APM.