Heather Steele

Heather Steele

Head of Studio Marketing and Communications
Haven Studios

Roundtable Leader

Website: https://havenstudios.com/en


You™ - The Power of Personal Brand

As game creators, we craft immersive stories and worlds for our players. While we might be familiar with the importance of meaningful and impactful brands in the context of our studios and the games we create, our personal brands are often neglected. At this roundtable, we will discuss the elements of unique and authentic personal brand attributes, how to develop a personalized brand strategy as part of your professional career growth, and the ways your brand can positively support and influence the path to achieving your future goals.


A strategic communications leader with extensive experience building and growing global brands, Heather Steele is Head of Studio Marketing and Communications at Haven Studios. Heather is driven by her passion for collaboration, creativity and the fast pace of innovative industries, with specialized expertise in the games and creative tech industries.

Throughout her career, Heather has helped grow the businesses and strengthen the reputations of many of the most respected companies in the world, working with Sony Interactive Entertainment, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Google, Disney, Electronic Arts, and AMD. Heather is dedicated to helping increase representation for women and historically marginalized people in game development and technology through her volunteer efforts. Heather is a past member of the Interactive Ontario Board of Directors, the SXSW Interactive Advisory Committee and the WIFT Toronto marketing committee.