Trent Kusters

Trent Kusters

Co-Founder and Studio Director
League of Geeks

Roundtable Leader



Crisis as Catalyst: Leadership Strategies for Transformative Change in Game Studios

Join a candid roundtable discussion with studio and project leaders to explore turning crises into opportunities for positive change. Discover innovative strategies for navigating the challenges of economic downturns, project cancellations, and dynamic audience expectations. Together, we’ll explore how people-first crisis management, creative resilience, candid leadership, and adaptive creative practices can not only guide your team through a crisis but position your studio as a force for innovation in our ever-evolving industry.


Trent Kusters is the co-founder and studio director of Melbourne's League of Geeks, and co-creator of Armello, Jumplight Odyssey, and 2024's Solium Infernum. As the youngest Adam Lancman Award recipient, Trent is a Forbes, MCV, and Develop '30 Under 30' honoree (though no longer under 30!), known for hosting the Independent Games Festival (IGFs), contributing to the GDC Advisory Board, and co-hosting the AIAS Game Maker’s Notebook podcast. Beyond his influential studio and creative leadership, Trent has chaired the Freeplay Independent Games Festival, was the inaugural videogame lecturer at the Victorian College of the Arts, and served as an industry advisor to DiGRA Australia, emphasizing his dedication to furthering our collective craft and community.