Yohei Ishii

Yohei Ishii

Makers Fund

Roundtable Leader

Website: https://www.makersfund.com/


Venture Vision: The State of Venture Investments in 2024

Securing funding can be one of the most daunting processes for studios of any size with 2024 bringing both new and old challenges to the forefront. This roundtable, led by Makers Fund's Yohei Ishii, will take a deeper look at current investment trends; talk about key factors that influence VCs and strategic partners to invest; and discuss best practices.


Yohei is NY based and manages investments, portfolio support and partner relations across North America and Europe. He has an extensive 20 year career in video games, spanning the spectrum of publishing, infrastructure, entrepreneurship and investing. Prior to joining Makers, Yohei was an investment partner at a16z dedicated to games, after having founded 4 games ventures and establishing AWS, Amazon's games BD startup team. Additionally, for a decade he led NA business development and strategy for Square Enix, the publisher of the Final Fantasy & Tomb Raider franchises, as well as CCP, the creators of the seminal MMO, Eve Online.