Josh Dodson

Josh Dodson

Director of Business Development
Amazon Games

Roundtable Leader



Is AI Good or Bad for Games?

Across the games industry, one of the hottest topics being discussed and researched is the use and impact of AI – from how it can improve graphics and overall realism in games, bring personalized experiences to players, open doors on new monetization models, and more. How will AI change game development practices? What applications of AI use look to offer the most potential? What opportunities does AI present to grow a games business, from content creation to customer retention? What are the pros and cons of being able to make games faster? And how will it reshape our industry in the long run? 

​This roundtable session, led by Amazon Games' Josh Dodson, will bring industry leaders together to discuss what they see as the most promising implementations of generative AI for games.


Josh Dodson has a long history leading successful business initiatives for Amazon, first joining the company in 1999 as a buyer in the Books category, then moving to the Software category, and later heading up business development for the company’s AppStore and former restaurant business. He served as the Director of Business Development and Operations for Prime Gaming where he focused on driving content acquisition and membership growth. He led the team in all strategic planning and processes for business development, content operations, and solution architecture. In 2023, he took on an expanded role overseeing business development across all of Amazon Games. In addition to Amazon, Josh previously held senior manager positions with Parallels and Apple.