Victoria Tran

Victoria Tran

Director of Communications

Roundtable Leader



Memes, Dreams, and Community Schemes

Every other day, a new social media trend or algorithm pops up that is touted as "THE NEXT BIG THING TO DO NOW AND GET 100,000 WISHLISTS." Whether it's TikTok, Giphy, Steam followers, Bluesky, or Threads, how is anyone supposed to keep up with the trends AND develop a game? Like it or not, a big part of discoverability and success for a brand in this day and age revolves around their ability to work with social media, influencers, and connecting with players. Join Innersloth's Director of Communications, Victoria Tran, in a discussion about demystifying organic marketing magic, how to survive being "just a meme," while also focusing on how to create stable, sustainable communities long term, irrespective of changing algorithms.


Victoria Tran is the Director of Communications at Innersloth, creators of the hit game Among Us, and organizer for Wholesome Games. She is deeply ingrained in community and social strategy work, and has worked on other titles such as Venba, Unpacking, Boyfriend Dungeon, Dwarf Fortress, and more. As an award-winning community professional, she's appeared in places like The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, IGN, and Forbes. You can find her marketing tips and strategies to create better communities on her monthly newsletter at