Anna Sweet

Anna Sweet

Bad Robot Games

Roundtable Leader



When We Look Back in 2054, How Do We Ensure We See Women?

IGN Named the Top 100 Game Developers of all time and managed to identify only one woman. PC Gamer took a look back at the last 30 years and saw none. Despite the industry putting its "best" foot forward after GamerGate, we still cannot seem to see women in this industry. What needs to change? In this roundtable, join Bad Robot Games' Anna Sweet to discuss how we can uplift and empower women in the games industry and reflect on the challenges women continue to face as well as some success stories.


Anna Sweet was part of the original business team at Valve that built the Steam platform and led gaming’s transition to digital distribution. Through her work on the Steam platform, she led several cutting-edge innovations that are core to the metaverse including the concept of live service game development, user generated content and cross game trading. She spent 6 years at Valve leading platform growth, before joining Oculus to run content strategy for the launch of the Rift. Currently, she is CEO of Bad Robot Games, focusing on the exciting intersection of gaming and linear entertainment.