Harry Krueger

Harry Krueger

Creative Director

Roundtable Leader

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/harry-krueger-1a1b6316


Fostering a Unique Creative Edge in a Growing and Evolving Studio

On the road to becoming a 'Game Changer,' one must take calculated risks and often sail deep into uncharted creative territory... However, the more unconventional a concept gets, the more challenging it becomes to ensure it resonates strongly with both our audiences and the team.

As leaders, how can we effectively communicate an unconventional idea to get buy-in, achieve creative cohesion, and ideally inspire our team to work towards a common goal? Where do we find the balance between chasing innovation and building on established ground? And on the continuous path to innovation, how important is it to protect a singular vision vs. sharing creative ownership with a growing, often-changing team?

This roundtable aims to facilitate discussion on how to effectively convey and champion nuanced ideas in a creative environment, and also how to solidify and ultimately preserve a unique creative edge while dealing with growth, change, and meeting stakeholder expectations.


Starting his career as a coder with an undying passion for game design, Harry's appreciation of timeless gameplay values made him a perfect fit for Housemarque, where he played his part in keeping the Arcade spirit alive for the past 15 years.

During his tenure, Harry played a key part in defining the studio's explosive, neon-infused, bullet-hell inspired creative identity, and worked on award-winning titles such as Outland, Resogun and Nex Machina.

Most notably, Harry recently acted as Game Director for the roguelike shooter Returnal, which took Housemarque's trademark action formula to triumphant new heights, and went on to receive widespread critical acclaim and multiple awards (including 4 BAFTAS).

Harry recently announced that he's departing from Housemarque, and - after a well-deserved break - likely embarking on new adventures, which have yet to be revealed.