Aaron Donaghey

Aaron Donaghey

Hypixel Studios


Website: https://hytale.com/


One Player Matters

In this intimate session, Aaron "Noxy" Donaghey, CEO of Hypixel Studios, will tell the story of how just one amazing player can change the fate and fortune of a game company. This talk will touch on thoughts and reflections of how game studios can provide opportunities for players to make a difference and impact our teams, communities, and products.


Aaron Donaghey, or "Noxy" for short, is the CEO of Hypixel Studios. Hypixel is the world's largest minecraft server having served 35 million players. The Mod team went on to create their own game "Hytale" which was announced in 2018. In 2020 - the team was acquired by Riot Games and are still hard at working making the game.