Nick Button-Brown

Nick Button-Brown

Outright Games

Roundtable Leader



Accessibility - Welcoming the Next Generation

With the continued growth of the video games industry and the firm realisation that gaming will continue to be the primary source of entertainment for generations to come, video games need to become more accessible for young children. This roundtable, led by Nick Button-Brown (Outright Games), will focus and discuss the importance of creating accessibility features for kids, how family-friendly experiences can positively impact the sentiment around games, and how these experiences and the video games that create them can be a springboard for creating the next generation of gamers.


Nick Button-Brown is Chair at Outright Games, the leading publisher of Kids licensed games for consoles and PC and has worked in senior positions across the tech and games industry for more than 25 years.  He is also Chair at Coherence, a Board Member at Tiny Rebel Games and Adinmo; and a Strategic Advisor at Payload Studios. Nick founded The Games Angels, a collective of industry veterans investing in and supporting early stage gaming companies, as well as being twice nominated as UK Angel of the year. He is on the board at UKIE, on the Games Committee at BAFTA (having formerly been a Trustee on the BAFTA board), on the Innovation committee for the Recording Society (operators of the Grammys) and is a founder trustee with OKRE in their work linking research and entertainment. Nick helped grow and scale Improbable, spent 5 years at Crytek in Germany, and 9 years at Electronic Arts.