Alan Gershenfeld

Alan Gershenfeld

E-Line Media

Roundtable Leader



Improve Lives and Change the World: Find Meaning, Jobs, and Financing Opportunities in Games

The game industry has seen a significant round of layoffs and lots of burnout from AAA studios and projects. There are also an increasing number of game industry veterans looking for new challenges and personally meaningful projects that can have a positive impact on players and the world beyond just great entertainment. This roundtable, led by Alan Gershenfeld, Co-Founder and President of E-Line Media, will highlight a wide range of those opportunities for finding jobs, sourcing impact-focused financing, and leveraging one’s skills.


Alan Gershenfeld is Co-Founder/President of E-Line Media, a developer of commercial social impact video games.  E-Line titles include BAFTA and Peabody award-winning Never Alone, Jackson-Wild award-winning Beyond Blue, Gamestar Mechanic and MinecraftEdu. Prior to E-Line, Alan was Chairman of Games for Change and SVP Activision Studios. Alan is co-author of Designing Reality: How To Survive and Thrive in the 3rd Digital Revolution and serves on the Board of Impact Guild and FilmAid International. He is also Co-Founder of Experimental Design, a leading world building design agency and Endless Studios, a globally distributed youth-led game studio and learning community.