Adam Boyes

Adam Boyes

Iron Galaxy

Roundtable Leader



Built to Last: Surviving the Recession

As our industry endures a recession, the tug of war between people and profits is a challenge to the culture of any organization. What are the success stories as well as the challenges about the ups and downs of the business of making games? How should companies tackle these tumultuous times to avoid layoffs and sustain morale? Join industry veteran Adam Boyes (Iron Galaxy) in this roundtable that will seek to engage participants in a lively discussion about the collective experience and possible paths forward. 


As Co-CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios, Adam Boyes leads company strategy, business development, partnerships, and communications. Prior to this role, he was Vice President of Third-Party Relations and Developer Technology Group at Sony Interactive Entertainment America. Previously, Boyes was Executive Producer at Midway Games and Director of Product Development and Capcom.