Sasha Volkohon

Sasha Volkohon

Senior Business Development Manager
remote control productions

Roundtable Leader



Do We All Often Have a Feeling of Being Surrounded by Idiots? And Why?

Join this roundtable with remote control production's Sasha Volkohon in discussing how to best lead and understand people in your teams. This roundtable will touch on understanding different personalities, the composition, and the best ways to deal with different personalities in your team. And spoiler alert: of course we are not surrounded by idiots, we just need the right approach. What is the right approach though? What are the selection criteria for you while hiring people for your team? How are you getting along with everyone in your team as a leader? What is the approach your companies use? And how often do you analyse people's behavior and what tools do you use for that? The topic is based on multiple leadership concepts (including one by Chief of Anything) and trainings that are used at remote control.


Sasha joined the industry 13 years ago, working for most of the time as a Business Development Manager, as well as Head of department in different companies in her career and going through hiring processes for the teams. She joined remote control productions 4 years ago as the  Sr. Business Development Manager and dived deep into different personalities and teams' composition, focusing on: how knowing different personalities helps understanding team members, helps get a different perspective on their behavior, as well as assists in organizing different roles within the team.