Xalavier Nelson Jr.

Xalavier Nelson Jr.

Creative Director
Strange Scaffold

Roundtable Leader

Website: https://www.strangescaffold.com/


Scoping for Flexibility

Studio closures and layoffs are rampant. Leaders in the medium are often asked to halve the scope of their games--or double it--to match the needs of partners, platforms, and our players. Confronting this landscape with an eye towards survival, while retaining the creative vision and ambition of our projects, is crucial. In this roundtable, join Strange Scaffold's Xalavier Nelson Jr. to discuss strategies for building titles that can accommodate multiple scopes from the ground up, best practices for pivoting projects that are mid-flight, and share lessons learned from projects past and present to deliver world-class experiences to players despite shifting market conditions.


Xalavier Nelson Jr. is a BAFTA-nominated studio head, narrative director, and writer, with dozens of titles under his belt including Stranger Things VR, Magic: The Gathering, Hypnospace Outlaw, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator, and El Paso, Elsewhere. He also makes strides in a storytelling career outside of games, with releases such as the cult hit comic Sherlock Holmes Hunts the Moth Man.