Lisa Hanson

Lisa Hanson

President and CEO
Niko Partners

Roundtable Leader



Know Your Global Audience: Localized and Culturalized Games Perform Better

Niko Partners, which provides local expertise with global perspective for the video game industry, noticed a sharp increase in 2023 of global companies focusing on improving the gamer experience in local markets worldwide by digging into localization and culturalization. Why should publishers and developers finetune their games for each local market? What are the challenges and important notes that come with such endeavors? Led by Niko Partners' Lisa Hanson, this roundtable will discuss best practices and increased gamer demand for localizing and culturalizing games in markets around the world.


Lisa Cosmas Hanson is President and CEO of Niko Partners, a market research and consulting firm covering the Asia and MENA video games market. Lisa founded Niko Partners in 2002 and has since honed her expertise on the Asian and MENA games industry that has benefitted Niko’s clients: Companies that are global leaders in game publishing, game services, hardware, and investments. Prior to founding Niko, she served as Lead Strategist at Viant, and as Director, Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker and Senior Analyst, Asia Pacific at IDC Research. She is based in the US but travels to Asia regularly to give presentations at industry events and engage with the market.